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When it comes to sports betting systems, every bettor wants to crack the code. By finding a fresh angle or an undiscovered variable to exploit, a savvy bettor could go on the run of a lifetime.

Let’s examine how betting systems work.

Why use sports betting systems?

Sports betting systems are popular for a variety of reasons. They allow bettors to place a large number of wagers without spending time researching a large group of games. Picking single games can be an agonizing process — a system allows bettors to stick to a plan and avoid wagering on a whim. Systems can also allow bettors to win big quickly. If there’s an edge to be exploited, systematic betting maximizes the potential returns.

Whether the system involves football, baseball, basketball or hockey, it’s important to realize that no system is foolproof. A successful system also isn’t guaranteed to stay a winner. Sports are dynamic events, with ever-changing conditions and variables. The key to beating the odds is staying ahead of developing trends. A smart system is one that can be modified to take new data into consideration. The savvy bettor knows when to move onto the next betting strategy.

Common betting systems
Betting systems have a wide range of complexity. Some systems use advanced techniques such as regression analysis or data modeling to predict outcomes. These systems are based on deep statistical analysis and are often difficult for novice or even intermediate bettors to comprehend. The goal of these systems, typically, is to use analysis to uncover overlooked variables that affect game outcomes.

While some bettors are skeptical about the value of any system over the long haul, it’s important to remember that the data revolution has changed sports dramatically. These days, baseball, football, basketball and hockey players are all valued much differently by front offices, thanks to new statistical advances. It’s a given this data also has precious value for bettors as well — the key is knowing how to use it.

For those of us who thought basic algebra was a challenge, there are plenty of other far more simple systems to use. Basketball bettors might wager strictly on home underdogs coming off multiple losses, when they’re playing non-conference opponents. Baseball bettors might wager against teams whose starting pitchers are coming off high pitch counts. A football bettor might make a series of bets against extremely low-scoring teams playing on the road. A hockey bettor might bet against teams playing the second of back-to-back games on the road.

The common thread between all of these wagers is simple: bettors are searching for favorable variables to exploit. A tired baseball pitcher’s performance is likely to suffer late in the game. A hockey team playing back-to-back games against a fresher team may also fade late. These strategies are fairly basic and many odds makers take such information into consideration. That doesn’t mean, however, that they won’t work for a period of time.

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Winning Sports Picks
If you’re looking for winning sports picks, you’ve come to the right place. But be warned: your bookie is probably going to hate you.

MLB Picks
No sport is more quintessentially American than baseball. The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd and the sight of freshly cut grass are all signs that a new season is underway. A fresh season also means thousands of opportunities to bet and win big. At Blowout Picks, we know the boys of summer. We follow statistical trends, analyze team and player performance and work harder than anyone else to uncover every possible angle. Like Tom Hanks said: There’s no crying in baseball. That’s especially true when you bet with us.

NFL Picks
Most of us grow up dreaming about becoming gods of the gridiron. While few of us will take the NFL field, anyone can bet like a champ. We watch every game and analyze every snap in an effort to bring you the best possible picks. Our football experts know the game like few others. Huddle up and join us — odds are you’ll break off a long run.

NBA Picks
In the NBA, title dreams can rise and fall in the course of a single shot. Few sports can be so heartbreaking — and fewer sports can give you this kind of thrill. At Blowout Picks we live for the hardwood. Our team of analysts and insiders are 24/7 hoops fanatics — and we’ve got the track record to prove it.

NHL Picks
Goals, fights and body checks — what could be better? Not much — except for winning bets and cashing checks. At Blowout Picks, we know that if you don’t shoot you can’t score — and we score all the time. Our team has their fingers on the pulse of the NHL, and we’re ready to help you crack hockey’s code.

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