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Serving A Different Type of Bettor

There are those folks who bet on a few sports here and there. They love playing the ponies, placing their bets on this one or that one because of its catchy name or some other, equally inconsequential measure of its success. These are the same individuals who always bet on their college alma mater, regardless of their track record or they take a blind shot purely on intuition.

BlowoutPicks.com is not really catering to that segment of the population. Instead, we help the serious bettor who desires to make impressive wins and cash each and every time they place a bet. Carefully researched and crafted betting trends is what we specialize in. Due to our careful research and expertise, along with our industry connections and insights, we are positioned as a means of helping our customers gain the highest return on their investment.

Shrewd Analytics Gets Results
In order to get the desired results, it is necessary to put feelings aside. A shrewd and successful bettor looks at the facts and trends in order to determine the best course of action. This means taking all emotional ties out of the equation and concentrating fully on the risk versus the reward ratio to determine if the balance is a favorable one that will allow you to see your desired outcome.

Placing Your Bets is Like Playing the Stock Market
We have nothing invested emotionally in any of the teams we recommend.  At BlowoutPicks.com, we simply care about the team’s ability to make our customers’ money work harder for them. After our careful analysis, we are able to advise you as to which teams are the best ones to invest your betting money on so you can see as profitable of a return as possible.

Packages to Suit Your Style
We offer a range of betting packages that are designed to give you the biggest bang for the buck. Not sure which package to choose? Email or Call us 800-501-3500 today and we can help you figure out the best deal so you can rake in the cash every time you place a bet.

Why bet on a team?
t's a simple and fundamental question, but one many bettors don't ponder. Is it because you have a gut feeling? Is the team one of your favorites? Or do you just need some extra cash? There's only one valid reason to bet on a game -- because you've got a sports betting system that guarantees the best possible results. At Blowout Picks, that's precisely what we offer.  A lot of handicappers promise the moon. They pretend to have a "secret" or "trick" that will unlock the door to riches. They'll tell you all about "magic runs" and "streaks that never end." And they're all lying. We're not going to tell you we've hacked the sports betting industry. There's no trick behind what we offer -- just a cutting-edge sports betting system based on a revolutionary concept. 

Betting as an investment. 
Sound surprised? Don't be. Using sports betting systems as an investment strategy is no different than picking stocks or bonds. Actually, there is one difference -- it's more intelligent. There's no way to beat Wall Street. The small-time investor has no chance competing against super-wealthy bankers. So stop betting on sports and start investing in sports. Betting as an investment is a sounder strategy -- If you have the right person managing your sports portfolio. And that's exactly what we have.

Our CEO Frank Colletti isn't just a world-class handicapper -- he's a former stock analyst with high-level finance experience. He's assembled A-team rivals anything the betting industry has seen. You wouldn't trust your stock portfolio to someone without financial experience or feel comfortable investing your hard-earned money with shady operators who make impossible promises. 

Why should your sports betting portfolio be any different? 
At Blowout Picks we are masters of data. We have the most highly placed industry connections and an unparalleled grasp of historical trends. We work tirelessly to uncover every edge possible. Our experience and technical skill rivals and exceeds any Vegas sports book. 

We believe savvy sports bettors are smart enough to recognize an amazing opportunity. There is no stronger investment than sports betting done properly. Stop wasting your time and money.




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